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Premium Minimalist RFID-Blocking Wallet

Premium Minimalist RFID-Blocking Wallet

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  • Color Options: Ember Red, Ember Blue, Ember Gold, Ember Green, Ember Black, Grey, Orange, Jet Blue
  • Pattern Type: Ember and solid
  • Closure Type: Elastic friction
  • Capacity: 10+ cards 
  • Material Composition: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 85 x 54 x 7 mm
  • Due to supply issues we no longer keep silver, plain black, or purple in stock


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fritz Cremin

work great and came in perfect condition

Zita Dooley

excellent wallet, actually better than ridge themselves aside from a few QC issues. They even rounded the edges of the money clip to prevent snagging the band, an issue i had with a REAL ridge wallet. unfortunately as others have said, the only major issue I see is if the shiny flakes are on the edge sometimes they are not properly bonded down. I had one flake peeling off, but 3 others were fine and properly adhered on the edge. I ended up peeling it off, and there is a slight indent there. The 2nd difference from a real ridge wallet is there are rubber dots inside the band to help make sure cash doesn't fall out of the strap, this one doesn't have that. I'm pretty sure you can buy the band from ridge and use it on this one but it is expensive and I haven't tried that. So if the seller can please add the rubber dots and increase quality control so no flakes are falling off. I personally wouldn't mind paying a few bucks more for it, this will honestly be the best wallet anyone can buy.

Cleo Pagac

Looks nice and no issues. Well worth the price.

Aaron Heidenreich

good quality

Laney Lebsack

Arrived and looks exactly like RIDGE wallet. You're basically only paying for branding so just buy this if you're not that bothered.